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Our Story

Data. Analytics. Insights.

Our Product

We’re a well-funded start up within a mature business building a cool and unique product in the SaaS market – one that will solve a $30B problem for technology companies.  That $30B problem is the lost recurring revenue many are facing on a global scale.  The product: Renew OnDemand™.

With Renew OnDemand™ companies are able to:

• Consolidate, cleanse and manage their renewals data from disparate systems
Access real time data with in-line dashboards and metrics directly from live transactional data
Identify levers to focus on so our customers can improve renewals performance
Pinpoint characteristics and trending of customer segments and implement targeted sales campaigns

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Do Work That Matters

To make the product better, we are creating a unique work environment focused on an agile software development methodology. This requires our Developers to work in teams that can quickly and efficiently solve real business problems that directly impact our customers’ ability to manage recurring revenue. In turn, we can:

• Shape the way our customers manage data around their existing customers and market insights
• Create key integrations with world-class CRM and other key enterprise systems.
• We are creating the only system in the world that focuses on the $30B problem and the incredible amounts of money that companies are leaving on the table.  Our Fortune 1000 customers outperform their peers by 20% in top-line revenue and 25% in profitability, so the work really does matter...

Our Technology

Want to work with an outstanding team of developers using the latest technologies including in-memory and document-oriented (Mongo) databases, building highly scalable applications using Node.js in an AWS environment. You'll have the opportunity to do so when you join our team as a Sr. Software Engineer, Cloud Software Architect, Data Analyst, or Configuration Engineer.

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About ServiceSource

ServiceSource® is the global leader in recurring revenue management. Renew OnDemand™, the only cloud application built specifically to grow recurring revenue, automates a highly valuable but typically manual business process. By leveraging big data to give companies a complete view of their customers, Renew OnDemand™ and our proven services drive higher subscription, maintenance, and support revenue, improve customer retention, and increased business predictability.

With over a decade of experience focused exclusively on growing recurring revenue, our products and services are based on proven best practices and global benchmarks. Like a funded start up, our continued growth in our service business allows us to aggressively invest our software product.

ServiceSource is headquartered in San Francisco and manages over $9 billion in recurring revenue for the world’s largest and most respected technology companies. ServiceSource renews a customer contract every 47 seconds through engagements in more than 150 countries and 40 languages.

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Our Culture

At Our Core

Our core values support our innovative product vision. They drive all we do, every day.

• Win as a team – the best work is done collectively
• Do the right thing – it’s what matters at the end of the day
• Deliver results – our customers expect nothing less

Doing Things Differently

• Work that matters – the problems we're solving are interesting and meaningful
• Expanding your mind – you can count on being intellectually challenged
• Minimal red tape – there are no barriers or speed bumps
• Financially stable – we’re a well-funded start up inside of a mature business

Better & Faster

• Be Agile – break up development into efficient and achievable buckets
• Challenge the norm – we want our Engineering teams to ask “why?”
• Identify all tiers of the business problems – our Engineering teams must be smart problem solvers
• Negotiate reasonable trade-offs – nothing is ever perfect but we’re always trying!

Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA (SOMA)


ServiceSource is solving big data problems for our customers that directly impact their recurring revenue & in turn, profitability. Our Software Engineers participate on Agile development teams that work together to build analytics & deep insights into our Renew on Demand SaaS product. The team is essentially a well funded start-up within an established $280 million dollar a year Recurring Revenue business. If you like to solve big data challenges with leading software in an entrepreneurial yet market driven environment where your contributions are seen, heard & recognized, then please keep reading...


What You Will Do

As a Software Engineer, you will contribute to all aspects of software engineering and development, from task specification and technical risk assessment to technology choice assessment, software architecture and coding. You will work with an extremely bright, hard-working, creative team of software professionals dedicated to building software that is innovative, scalable, highly functional & marketable. You will work in small teams on various projects ranging from new product development to product enhancements while keeping an aggressive 2 week release cycle. You'll leverage your experience, flexibility & intellectual curiosity to find novel solutions when you get stuck & naturally teach your peers about the latest cool breakthroughs you've made.


What You'll Need To Be Successful

• Sense of humor coupled with a sense of pride in building software that solves real world business challenges
• Desire to work with Big Data challenges & leading data technologies like Hadoop, Mongo & NewSQL
• Solid foundation in a variety of core development languages including JavaScript, coupled with a desire to explore NodeJS & other cutting edge technologies
• Practical, market oriented approach to software development
• Desire to have fun developing awesome software within a team of really brilliant people


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